Friday, September 10, 2010


Yes, I'm up.... Yes, I've been up all night. Not Owen, no, little Owen is happy as a little clam.
Lilly is beside herself these past few days.
Her reflux is not good. There is nothing to do for that. Sit her up after she eats, we've changed her formula to one that supposedly thickens when it gets to her stomach. Her reflux cannot be avoided. BUT, now we have diarrhea. It's gone from small frequent stools, to now 10 diapers of diarrhea in 24 hours. I even tried putting some cereal in her formula. She then acts like she is SO hungry. constantly. She's not a happy camper.
I'm going to call the pediatrician at 6am, he has "call hours" from 6-6:30 am every morning. The good thing about that, is that he normally doesn't just have you bring her in. I can tell him there is nothing significant on assessment. Her belly is fine, she has a small rash, but I think it's from milk around her neck, just like Owen has every now and then, and it comes and goes just like his. She doesn't appear to be dehydrated (YET).... she has no temp... I'm wondering if she needs a hypoallergenic formula. It seems that, that is a more common diagnosis now a days. Something like Alimentum maybe?? ugh... my poor little princess. Her crying last night drove the dogs upstairs to lay instead of clinging to me like usual.
She's asleep now as we speak, off to get 30 minutes of zzzzz's before calling Dr. Riddell.
Wish me luck on both!

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  1. She got her update post and now she wants to hog the blog. I'd still borrow her for the weekend!