Thursday, September 23, 2010

Self pity....

Allow me to have some self pity for just a second.
First of all the kids are good. They are slowly weaning the vent on Grey. We set a goal to get off the vent by the end of the weekend.
Owen and Lilly are fine, no real issues...

Similac.... I'm not a big fan of Similac right now. I saw on the triplet mom message board at 1045 pm that Owen's formula (some of it) was being recalled. Looked at our supply, after trying for 2 hours to check online because the site was busy, and calling repeatedly to the number... I finally got through. Yep, our whole stock, recalled. So, if I don't want the possiblity of Beetle larvae in the formula, I'd better find him some. Off to CVS (24 hour... cause they are all closed). CVS, wasn't aware there was a recall.... Walgreens, had no formula left... Off to Marsh. I asked when I got in there because they were stocked to the gills... Was this all gone thru to see if any of it was recalled? Manager says "Yep". Super, I think.

Got home, thought, well,... I have some time before they eat, I'll look these cans up. To my dismay, they are ALL FLIPPIN recalled. All $90 of the formula I bought. By this time, it's 2am. I call a friend that I knew would be up to vent, and see if she had any suggestions, and Heather Myers a triplet mom I met in the NICU of course was up, and has some samples. SO, we met at the 96th street McDonalds at 245, and back now just in time, the kids are just now waking up. Heather, if you read this... THANK YOU....
And then I wonder to myself. Why? Seriously.... I want a break. Can't you just give me a break for one week. Please LORD cut us some slack for just a little while. I try not to ask why... I try not to, and I am DONE asking... but there was just a few moments in the car, on the way to get formula for my little Owen that I just asked God, please, please, lower the drama threshold for a few days. Then I laugh at myself, crying in the truck, realizing it can be much worse. And, it can be. So my self pity is over.

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  1. If anyone deserves a break, it's you! It is coming. You guys are always in our prayers.