Monday, September 13, 2010

Surgery is set!

Grey's surgery is set for Wed at 2pm. I spent the morning with him today, as he was supposed to have a procedure. They were unable to pass a catheter through his stoma.... so they will do it in surgery instead. I read to him, and rubbed his little head. Brooke had him yesterday, so he was still sporting a mohawk!

Lilly and Owen are doing well. Still having reflux, but nothing much new with them. Lilly is feeling much better on her Neosure with cereal. I am going to take them in to see Grey tomorrow so they can all cuddle before he goes to surgery on Wednesday. Here is a pic of Owen with his collar "popped" given ya the PEACE sign!

Lilly is stretching.... getting ready for her Neosure and cereal!

This is Jasmine on the couch.... zonked because she is on benadryl for her allergies.... well, and 2 crying babies!

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  1. I will be there with him tomorrow night - will be thinking of you guys tomorrow :)