Saturday, September 18, 2010

Looking better

Grey is looking better. He is oxygenating much better today, and they were able to wean his oxygen rate a bit. His incision looks GREAT compared to yesterday, and his vitals are still stable. YAY! Since his incision is draining a little bit, they may open it up tomorrow a little bit at the bedside with some local anesthetic and let it heal from the inside out, with some packing.
I am happy with his progress. So thankful for his progress!
Lilly and Owen are truckin along. We have a peds appt on Monday for 2 month shots. Hopefully they won't be fussy that evening.
My cold is going away too, so that makes the world all look much better.

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  1. Oh Tiff! We are praying for your family! He doesn't leave our minds for long. We continue to pray for his healing, and discernment for his nurses and dr's to know how to treat him, and for rest and peace for you. Thank you Lord for His healing touch on Grey! What a mighty little man!! :)