Monday, September 6, 2010

Idle mode

We have been status quo the past few days.

Grey is set for his surgery on Sept 15th. He has some tests this week and next to get him ready. We are praying that he will do fine with the tests, and then also the surgery.

Lillian has been our challenge the past week. She started out with some reflux, (which is common, and she's had it) but that turned into spitting up, when then led to vomit. So, we changed her formula to Isomil, that didn't work. We then added cereal, which was a challenge to get her a nipple that would allow her to suck, then she started diarrhea. We then changed to Similac Sensative RS. She is still having some diarrhea, but was also arching her back, and her face was turning red when she ate, along with fussing while she ate. So, we added some Zantac twice a day. I think that is working well. She is still a little fussy, but not while eating, and she is eating much more than she was than a week ago. We will see. If the diarrhea continues it's back to the doctor we go.

Owen is doing better. He is taking more in his bottle at night, which helps I think is helping him sleep better. He is sleeping between feedings at night. (YAY!!!!)

Still waiting for the police report to make sure that the insurance stuff for the truck gets submitted to the other dude's insurance. Lawrence police administration is less than helpful. My back is still tender to say the least. It doesn't help that resting isn't in my near future. The rental car is fine, it just smells like it's been smoked in a time or two.
Help is doing well at the Maurer house. My inlaws are staying Sun-Wed, and my mom is staying Wed-Fri. That does allow for some consecutive sleep, and help getting back and forth to the hospital to see Grey.
Here are some recent pics.

Here is Owen ready for the Colts season!

Lillian in her bouncer

All 3 laying in Grey's bed .... all of them crying!


  1. Grey has the BEST angry face in the WORLD!!!! And Owen looks like he thinks it is kind of funny.

  2. Awww...I feel for you on the reflux. Our girls had it just like you described. They would arch their backs, scream during and after feeds. Oh, it was so difficult. The ped first recommended putting cereal in their bottles, but that didn't do much other than cause constipation. I finally persisted on getting medication, or just wore him down, but he finally put them on Zantac. They ended up on Zantac and Reglan for a while. Reese now is on Prevacid and the others are just on Zantac. They seem to be doing much better, even to the point that we talk about maybe trying to go without the medication for a day to see what happens. (but we chicken out!) Good luck! It will get better, I promise. You are a good Mommy and stay on top of things, so you'll get it under control in no time. Hang in there! :)