Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A good day

Grey had an excellent day today. He successfully got off the jet vent, and is now on a regular ventilator, with moderate support. I walked into his room this morning to him laying there with a sign in his bed that said, "I am going to get off of the jet vent today." Becca, his nurse was practicing positive affirmations with him. Once he was off, she crossed out the GET, and wrote STAY off. There is nothing better than the creativity of a NICU nurse!
He got his wound vac put on. I was telling Todd about it, and he google imaged it before he came to see Grey. Just a word of warning.... don't do it. They are some ugly wounds. Little Grey's wound is clean, not ugly like those. Here is a picture of the machine and the sponge.

Here's the principle of the wound vac. It is a machine, that is connected by suction to a sponge that is cut and molded to the inside of the wound. There is a clear dressing that is placed on top of it, that creates suction when connected to the machine. The suction is there to put negative pressure on the inside of the wound, and it creates new tissue by stimulating more circulation in the wound. It keeps the wound clean, as any secretions of the wound are sucked into a canister, and it keeps it dry. It doesn't hurt him, just likely feels weird once the initial suction is established. It's changed daily by the physical therapy at Peyton Manning Children Hospital. They come over to the NICU and change it. I think this will heal the wound much faster than it would have normally. It is a clean wound, and really has great tissue formation on the inside from what I've seen. (This is when I'm the nurse, and not the mom....)
He's very swollen today, that should improve in the next few days. Becca arranged it so I could hold him today too. I can't describe what it was like to hold him again. He tried to open his eyes, but they were too swollen to open them. Honestly, I really think he is passing gas. Every once in a while you get a wiff of something that smells like stool in his diaper... but it comes and goes. THAT would be excellent if he was passing gas. That means that his bowel connection is good, it's getting good blood flow, and it is trying to get moving again. We should expect a bowel movement in the next week. He needs to have a bowel movement so that they can start feedings again. Once they start feedings they can decrease his IV nutrition, and this will help his liver not be so angry. It's all a chain reaction.
Lillian and Owen are doing well. Owen doesn't even realize that he changed formula. He sucks it down, and doesn't even acknowledge the change. Lillian is eating better, but is a bit constipated this evening. Normally it's not even worth mentioning, but.... it has upset her since about 7pm.... meaning, she has cried since 7pm. The prune juice was given... just waiting on it to work. I never thought my life would revolve around the bowels of my children:)
The changing of the guard is tomorrow. I think my mother in law is going to stay and help my mom out this week, so I can be free to go to the NICU. I still feel like I need to be there a few hours a day to know what is going on, and not feel guilty!
Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts! Keep em coming!

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