Monday, September 20, 2010


Progress.... with all 3 of them.
Grey is doing well. They opened up his wound Sunday, and are going to put a wound vac on tomorrow. This is something I am happy about. It will heal much faster, and less chance for further infection with the vac. I have extensive experience with this from transplant, and feel comfortable about that decision. They are also going to try him on a regular vent tomorrow which is huge progress if he does well. Praying he does well, and his bowels start working soon.

Lilly and Owen had a peds md appt. Owen is 10'7 and 22 inches long. Lilly is 7'15 and 20.5 inches long. Owen is being taken off the preemie formula, and Lilly will remain on it. They did get their 2 month shots, and seem to be fine so far.

Looking forward to Grey's progress the most I must say. Should have an update tomorrow on if he did well or not. Let's hope he does!

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