Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dog drama and a good test for Grey

Saturday evening during the 9pm feeding we heard the dogs outside fighting. They never fight outside, and haven't really fought in quite some time, we have found their triggers, and have avoided fights.
Well, one of them killed a rabbit. Yes, they kill things here in the fence, so little animals BEWARE!
Hendrix ended up with the poor thing, luckily, I think it went fast. Then for the rest of the evening they obsessed on the yard, sniffing, and looking for more, digging around the trees. SO, during that obsessing and digging Hendrix tore his dewclaw. I'd like to think the rabbit bit it, and gave one last good fight and revenge... but that I'm sure isn't the case.
Off to the vet we go. Yes, he tore it ok. It was then numbed, clipped all the way back, wrapped, and it was infected. Antibiotics, pain meds and a bandage is now added to our regimen. He walks around with his little bandage like it's broken. It's pretty funny. He is carrying it, and it hurts far less than it did because he is now on pain meds and abx. "Leave it to a husky to act like a bandage broke their leg", that's a quote from our vet! lol Perhaps he will leave little defenseless animals alone now!
Grey had a barium enema today. Basically this is testing that has to be done before he is reconnected. This will make sure that there is no bowel injury in the colon from not being fed down there or used. It looked great. No issues. I was able to cuddle with him today, and feed him his breakfast. It was a good morning.

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