Tuesday, September 28, 2010

good feelings

Grey is off the vent. Not really as planned however, it seems it kind of came out early this morning, and he has been doing well since then. I was able to hold him today and spend some precious time with him, and he opened his eyes a bit, and made his little chipmunk noises... which is so good to hear again. I feel pretty good about where he is right now. They started feedings!!! YAY! It seems to be digesting, as it isn't still left in his stomach when they are done. His liver numbers were down a bit, and his kidney numbers and CBC looks great.

Lilly and Owen are going through some colic I think. Seem to be really fussy in the evenings. I think I finally have enough formula until it will be back on the shelf.

We went ahead and hired a night nanny agency. I figured we needed to get it secured for next week.... and go from there. SO, 2 nights of a night nanny, one night my mom is going to do the night shift, and my inlaws will be here the next day to take over until my mom wakes up etc.

Tomorrow Todd works from the NICU, and I think we might be able to have lunch and visit with Grey. Looking forward to that!

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  1. I'll be there, so Toddles can do a safety audit on me. As learned at Med Tech.