Saturday, September 11, 2010

We got our happy baby girl back!

Oh, our Lillian....
So, 6am yesterday I called Dr. Riddell... who was on vacation. I called the on-call doc, and ran everything by her, and indeed she thought we should try Alimentum. At 7am sharp, I was waiting in CVS parking lot to get it. Wow, it gives a new meaning to liquid gold.
She took Alimentum all day, and decided at 6pm that she didn't like it anymore. At 9pm, she cried thru the whole feeding, and took 1 ounce. That is way too low for her.
Todd and I talked, we decided to go back to the first formula we tried, and add more cereal. (Neosure) Glad we decided to do that, because in the middle of the night, she had 2 completely dry diapers, no urine, nothing. She has since picked up her eating, and her diapers are better. No more diarrhea either. We are going to have to just deal with the reflux unless it gets too bad. Wow, that truly was not a fun experiment. 3 weeks of playing with formula... ugh. If this doesn't continue to work, we're going to have to have a Lillian intervention. She's gonna have to just take the Alimentum... because it was working, til she stopped drinking it!

The rest of the crew is fine. Grey is hanging in there..... counting the hours until we get him put back together. I will post about that surgery and the physiology of it. It will be easier to understand that way.

Owen is doing fine. He is starting to smile when you talk to him, versus just for no reason. It's quite funny. Although, I still think the funniest thing that he does is farts in the pack n play, and since it is a plastic like material, it sounds so loud..... it's loud enough that he startles himself at times and starts to cry! lol

Tomorrow is the triplet mom outing on Morse Lake. I am really looking forward to it. I thought that I would never say that. I was actually thinking it was like a cult the first time I heard about it, because everyone was asking if I had joined, and who my mentor was blah, blah, blah. But I have to say, it's a bunch of down to earth women that have been there, and done that. I'm looking forward to spending the afternoon floating in the water without a baby monitor!

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  1. Hey there Tiff! What's this I read about the triplet mom outing? I wanna be a part of this club!!! Hahaha!!! I sound like a little kid don't I? Send me an email about it all!! I don't know any triplet moms and would love to get connected!!!! (well, besides you, whom I've never even met! :)